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Crystal Reports TrainingCall

Learn to be your own GoldMine Crystal consultant. This intense full-day class will teach you the direct way to create professional, informative reports on your GoldMine SQL data using Crystal Reports. Our next Crystal Reports Class is not yet scheduled

Customized On-site GoldMine Training

Publish or Perish would be happy to come out to your office and provide you with on-site training for your entire company. This can be either our standardized training classes, or we can custom-tailor the event to specific features and functions you wish to disseminate to your employees.

Customized training starts at $180 per hour

Web-based GoldMine Training

We can also provide fully customized web-based training right over the internet. Utilizing an easy-to-use web conferencing system we can train you to be a Goldmine wizard right from the comfort of your desktop.